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My goal in music education is to spread the confidence, knowledge and joy that music has brought me. 


I am and will always be a student of music! Over the years I've developed a method of studying music that has worked for me, and I love sharing it with students. I believe that listening and personal experience should be at the center of music education. 

I have taught students across the world, including at Berkeley High School, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, the Conservatorio de Musica Pescara in Italy, in Suriname, South America, and with the Beantown Swing Orchestra, where I'm a regular big band instructor. I'm currently a graduate teaching assistant at the Frost School of Music in the Studio Music and Jazz department, where I teach ensembles and private students. I also have experience teaching students from ages 7 and up in a variety of settings. My teaching philosophy is heavily influenced by The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallaway and Free Play by Stephen Nachmanovitz.

Available for lessons in the Miami (and occasionally Boston) areas, or over Zoom in:​

  • Beginner - Advanced Guitar

  • Beginner - Advanced Improvisation (any instrument)

  • Beginner - Advanced Jazz Theory and Harmony

  • Beginner - Advanced Jazz Composition

questions? contact tim here


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